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Category: Comedy

A Podcast About Growing Up (and Trying Not To).

February 20, 2017

Episode #22: Arcades

Ready your sackful of quarters (no, not for hurling at us) because we're going to the local arcade. The arcades of childhood, the games we love/hate, the best butt spanking games out of Japan and more can be yours for only 30,000 tickets!


Highlights Include: Erotic Poetry Jam, OK Potato, World Famous Arcade Cuisine, Practical Uses of Skeeball, The Last Buttwhisperer and much more!

January 25, 2017

Minisode #3: Winter

The weather outside is frightful, so we made this episode extra delightful. Curl up by a roaring fire and listen to this hearty minisode as you slowly succomb to carbon monoxide poisoning (you forgot to open the flue, you fool!)

Highlights Include: Losing Your Right to Be Irresponsible in a Game of Pool, What Happens to Bugs In Winter?, Sledding: For Suckers, Bad Porridge Business, The American Hero Who Invented Snow Angels and much more!

December 25, 2016

Episode #21: Christmas Specials

Oh hi, we didn't see you there. We were just getting ready to have some special guests over for the Holidays. Also, Santa's gone missing? In this episode, we talk about all the great, awful, and awfully great Christmas specials we've seen.

Highlights Include: Do Cats Know It's Christmas?, Jeremy's Pajama Jam, Down Home Musical Christmas Specials, Is John Denver Jesus?, Speed Buggy: Nature's Perfect Santa, We Create the World's Greatest Christmas Special and much much more!

December 5, 2016

Episode #20: Robots w/ Glen Tickle

Running C:newepisode.bat. Systems online. We're back with a brand new episode all about ROBOTS. We are joined by a special guest, comedian and comedy robot programmer Glen Tickle, to discuss the finer points of parenting both children and robots, the dumb robots from our childhoods and what parts of us we want chopped off and replaced with shiny robo-bits. You can check out Glen's new album Yes, Please on Bandcamp.

Highlights Include: We're All the Worst at Raking Leaves, Jeremy Has a Board Game and No Friends, Robots: The Most Oppressed Group in Cinema History?, A Long Discussion of Zordon from The Power Rangers, A Quiz on Bad Robot Names, Cory Tries to Defend the Robot Maid From Rocky IV and much more!

November 10, 2016

Episode #19: Sleep

♫ Lullabye and goodnight / here's a new epi-sode / close your eyes, drift to sleep / 'less you listen and drive ♫ This episode is all about sleep, and it gets...kinda creepy. Man-sized doll creepy.

Highlights Include: Jeremy Needs to Dream Bigger, Big Manly Hands, Sleeping With a Chucky Doll, Girlfriend Hibernation, The Critic and much more!

October 22, 2016

Episode #18: Action Figures w/ Asterios Kokkinos

This week's episode comes complete with real kung-fu grip! Podcast and Something Awful favorite Asterios Kokkinos dropped by to discuss action figures and wound up discussing just about everything you could imagine in our most wonderfully tangent-filled episode yet! Make sure you check out his new book, Toys "4" Cheap: The Magic of Toys Will Shut Up Your Child on Amazon.

Highlights Include: Steamed Hams, Destroying Action Figures, The Second Coming of the Barber Messiah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Farmers, The X-Men/Ghostbusters Team Up You've Always Dreamed Of,  An Incredibly In-Depth Look into the Terminator-Winslowverse, Solving the Homeless Problem with Teddy Ruxpin and much (much!) more.
October 8, 2016

Minisode #2: Beer and Circuses

While we never did manage to get Matt back from the kidnappers who kept him from recording, we did record a minisode in which we talk birthday presents, Billy Beer, and we fix circuses once and for all.

Highlights Include: The Burden of Having Nice Things, Billy Beer Tours, Queen of the Beer Circus, Hologram Patrick Duffy Bloodsports and more!
September 11, 2016

Episode #17: Babysitting w/ Shannon Campe

We've got all the important contact numbers on the fridge, we've left money for you to order a pizza, and we've invited Shannon Campe of the Stage of Fools podcast to keep an eye on you while we have one night to ourselves. Don't be difficult, we deserve to be able to go out like people every once in a while!

Highlights Include: Matt's murder garage, Cory invents baby battling, the different between babysitting and nannying, a quiz on the CRAZIEST Babysitter Club book plots and much more!

August 16, 2016

Episode #16: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Get your bowl of sugary cereal and turn your brain off because we're talking about Saturday Morning Cartoons: the good, the bad, and the bizarre. We also have a very special announcement: Taxes and Tater Tots has joined the Ear Trump Audio podcast network!

Highlights Include: [Ear] Trump[et], Crank Driving, How to Tell Hemsworths Apart, Ecto-Cooler, Jeremy's Secret Histeria! Stash, We Play 'Which Of These Was a Real Cartoon?" and much more!

August 6, 2016

Episode #15: Board Games w/ Stephanie Stone-Robb

Do not pass 'go', do not collect $200 until you listen to this new episode with special guest, Stephanie Stone-Robb from the podcasts The Songs That Saved Your Life and Lifemark.

Highlights Include: Rubber Duck Skills, Matt's Gettin' a House, an Incredibly Philosophical Look at Party Games, What Makes a Good Drinking Board Game, Kickstarter and more!